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Dr. Robert Abrahamson
For the last 39 years,  Dr. Robert Abrahamson has helped heal a myriad of medical issues, including pain management, insomnia, weight loss, depression, anxiety, infertility, allergies, migraine headaches, smoking cessation and other addictions, PTSD,  and hormonal imbalances.

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Leaky Gut Syndrome is real and almost universal! See how to recognize and treat this syndrome in my newly compiled article here.

New Research shows Acupuncture is effective in treating obesity and anxiety! Read here.

Tylenol & Liver Damage–25 Facts You Should Know…try Chinese herbs (especially E Zhu, aka tumeric root) instead – pain relief without the poisoning!

LET THE BUYER BEWARE. With herbal supplements, you never know for sure that what’s on the label is what you are getting! A February 2015 report from New York  showed four out of five bottles analyzed contained NONE of the herbs on the label!

*Know that ALL of the 300+ herbal supplements in my Sedona pharmacy have been tested for authentic ingredients, potency, heavy metals and pesticides*

New Research proves Chinese herbs can stop the Flu virus from replicating…and the Ebola virus too!     Read Article here

Fibromyalgia is becoming increasingly common. Read my article here how Acupuncture can help.

Study shows Acupuncture as effective as drugs in treating low-back pain and migraines!     Read article

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This recent article from the NY Times is really shocking – we have to do better with pain management and addiction, for the sake of our future generations. Chinese Medicine can help!    Read article

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Here’s some new exciting research showing exercise can aid cancer treatment…probably also can prevent!

New Research shows Vitamin B-3 can help prevent skin cancer! 

A 2-Minute Walk May Counter the Harms of Sitting

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SERVICES  We offer acupuncture therapy, including acupressure, accupuncture, oriental massage, and chinese herbs . Treatment is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Five Element Constitutional Acupuncture,  Japanese, Tibetan and Medical Acupuncture Therapy, utilizing ultra-thin needles,  Laser treatment,  herbal medicine, moxibustion, Tui-na therapeutic massage, nutrition, aromatherapy, life-style counseling, and  exercises .  Read more about the kind of services we offer.


The Sedona Acupuncture Clinic consists of two spacious treatment rooms and a waiting room. We are in the center of one of the oldest commercial buildings in Sedona, located next to the Bank of America in West Sedona. Click here for a short video and pictures.

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Over the last 39 years, I’ve often been asked the same questions about Acupuncutre and Chinese Medicine. Here are my answers


I have treated thousands of clients. Some have taken it upon themselves to write something of their acupuncture experience. Read from a sample of satisfied customers here


“I would like to thank you for all the treatment you have done for me at your office. I really enjoyed your session and it worked exactly like what you said.  As you know, I had been suffering from chronic bronchitis for nearly 2 months and tried so many different things, including multiple doctor visits and medications, in attempt to resolve my cough. So I was desperate when I visited your office.

“When I went to bed on the day of treatment, I noticed that I no longer felt tightness in my chest, which I had been suffering from for the past several weeks. From there, my condition started getting better every day. By mid last week, my cough was mostly gone.

You really helped me. Thank you very much for your help.”    -Mayumi G, Chicago, Ill


Click here for a variety of articles of interest written and compiled by Dr Abrahamson. Topics include diet and nutrition, environmental illness, and conditions acupuncture can treat.

When you have a cold or flu, Chinese medicine can truly help. Here’s a little news clip

                        (Spoiler: it’s $1.50/day!)