9371af4cd1997192e2d4bc3f143bc763Dr. Robert Abrahamson
kudos 2014For the last 39 years,  Dr. Robert Abrahamson has helped heal a myriad of medical issues, including pain management, insomnia, weight loss, depression, anxiety, infertility, allergies, migraine headaches, smoking cessation and other addictions, PTSD,  and hormonal imbalances. Billions of people over the last 2500 years have been helped by Chinese Medicine – they can’t be all wrong!

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UnknownThis February brings a nasty high-pollen allergy season to Northern Arizona! Stop sniffling and sneezing and come in for a few acupuncture sessions and herbal medicine that really works! See this new article from NPR news, and a column I wrote on Allergic Rhinitis here  

AND a very recent report from JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) shows a link between anti-histamines such as Benadryl and an increased risk of Alzheimer’s. See article here.  So why not try a natural approach that has been time-tested by millions???

pGNC1-2331377t300x300LET THE BUYER BEWARE. With herbal supplements, you never know for sure that what’s on the label is what you are getting! A February 2015 report from New York  showed four out of five bottles analyzed contained NONE of the herbs on the label!

*Know that ALL of the 300+ herbal supplements in my Sedona pharmacy have been tested for authentic ingredients, potency, heavy metals and pesticides*

New Research proves Chinese herbs can stop the Flu virus from replicating…and the Ebola virus too!     Read Article here

UnknownStudy shows Acupuncture as effective as drugs in treating low-back pain and migraines!     Read article

Acupuncture Eases Pain for Breast Cancer Patients  Click here for article

This recent article from the NY Times is really shocking – we have to do better with pain management and addiction, for the sake of our future generations. Chinese Medicine can help!    Read article

Sethumb_hearthandse my article (January 2015) on keeping your Endocrine system healthy with Chinese Medicine – yup, that’s your thyroid and adrenals I’m talking about!   Read article

Here’s my latest blog (February 2015) on Chinese Medicine to foster Cardiovascular Health  Read article


SERVICES  We offer acupuncture therapy, including acupressure, accupuncture, oriental massage, and chinese herbs . Treatment is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Five Element Constitutional Acupuncture,  Japanese, Tibetan and Medical Acupuncture Therapy,
utilizing ultra-thin needles,  Laser treatment,  herbal medicine, moxibustion, Tui-na therapeutic massage, nutrition, aromatherapy, life-style counseling, and  exercises .  Read more about the kind of services we offer.


The Sedona Acupuncture Clinic consists of two spacious treatment rooms and a waiting room. We are in the center of one of the oldest commercial buildings in Sedona, located next to the Bank of America in West Sedona. Click here for a short video and pictures.

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Over the last 39 years, I’ve often been asked the same questions about Acupuncutre and Chinese Medicine. Here are my answers


I have treated thousands of clients. Some have taken it upon themselves to write something of their acupuncture experience. Read from a sample of satisfied customers here


“Dr. Abrahamson is an amazing healing practitioner. His treatments incorporate a beautiful blend of science, intuition and pure artistry.  He doesn’t just “needle points” – his acupuncture technique bulds the energy from one acupoint to the next.  It feels like Sacred Geometry, bringing me back into my natural balance.”

– Michael R.  Occupational Therapist


Click here for a variety of articles of interest written and compiled by Dr Abrahamson. Topics include diet and nutrition, environmental illness, and conditions acupuncture can treat.

When you have a cold or flu, Chinese medicine can truly help. Here’s a little news clip

                        (Spoiler: it’s $1.50/day!)