Our family

I just want to thank you for an amazing treatment yesterday. I am experiencing a freedom, like there’s something that was constricting me, and now it is gone. I am amazed! I feel lightness; I feel looseness, in mind and in movement. For your finely tuned skills, for your golden intentions, for your amazing gifts of healing, I thank you. I wish you multitudes of blessings, thank you again!

– Raven P. polycystic kidney and liver disease

I just wanted to tell you that I feel so much better! I just have a little bit of pain, but the pain that I have is so small, it’s not bad. So I thank you for helping me.

– Betty M. chronic sciatica, after just one session

I saw a chiropractor for 15 sessions in a 5 week period for my neck pain and arm numbness, with little relief. After just 4 sessions with Robert, I am at least 60% improved. It seems like a miracle!

– Ken J. Village of Oak Creek, AZ

I would like to thank you for all the treatment you have done for me at your office. I really enjoyed your session and it worked exactly like what you said.  As you know, I had been suffering from chronic bronchitis for nearly 2 months and tried so many different things, including multiple doctor visits and medications, in attempt to resolve my cough. So I was desperate when I visited your office. When I went to bed on the day of treatment, I noticed that I no longer felt tightness in my chest, which I had been suffering from for the past several weeks. From there, my condition started getting better every day. By mid last week, my cough was mostly gone.  You really helped me. Thank you very much for your help.

-Mayumi G, Chicago, Ill

Several months ago, I had occasion to use Dr. Abrahamson’s services over a period of two months. I was surprised how quickly I noticed the benefits of acupuncture and his excellent treatments.  The changes I saw over the treatment period were more normal digestion, energy and sleep patterns – overall a more “balanced” feeling in my overall health. I believe we are blessed to have a practitioner of Dr. Abrahamson’s abilities in our area, and encourage anyone seeking help for their particular medical concerns to contact him and avail themselves of his excellent treatment and care.

– Shirley Proulx Village of Oak Creek, AZ

Dr. Abrahamson is an amazing healing practitioner. His treatments incorporate a beautiful blend of science, intuition and pure artistry.  He doesn’t just “needle points” – his acupuncture technique bulds the energy from one acupoint to the next.  It feels like Sacred Geometry, bringing me back into my natural balance.

– Michael R.  Occupational Therapist

I’ve had a phobia about needles since I was a boy, so I came to Dr. Abrahamson just for an herbal consultation for my chronic digestive problems. The Chinese herbs helped me so much, I decided to try an acupuncture session, and guess what? It didn’t hurt at all! This guy is good. He’s worth the drive.
– Roger C. Anthem, AZ

Hot flashes were driving me crazy! Menopause shouldn’t have to be like this. I tried a lot of herbal things with no help. After a couple of acupuncture sessions, the hot flashes are reduced from 10-15/night to 1 or 2. I can finally sleep. Now I’m nagging my husband to go for his Parkinson’s.

– Cindy L. Flagstaff, AZ

I’ve had a lot of trouble falling and staying asleep for a long time. Not only that, I recently developed Restless Legs too. My doctor couldn’t help me; all the drugs he gave me just made me feel terrible in the morning. A friend suggested I try acupuncture with Dr. Abrahamson. It took 6 weeks, but I now sleep like a baby without any medications! I only wish I had come to Robert earlier.

– Joan K. Sedona, AZ

I’ve learned to dread Hay Fever season, as the allergies get worse every year. I tried injections from my doctor, steroid injections, Singular, Zyrtec, homeopathy – nothing helped for long. After six weekly sessions with Robert, I am 80% improved, even while the Juniper tree in my front yard is full of pollen! I can’t believe it! Between the herbs, the needles and a few dietary modifications, I feel I have my life back. Now I need nothing but an occasional “booster” treatment.
– Debb C. Sedona, AZ

I’ve been battling with depression and anxiety as long as I can remember, and the drugs from the psychiatrist seem to work for a while, then they don’t. I didn’t know Chinese Medicine could help me, but boy was I wrong! It only took 2 sessions to start feeling better. Dr. Abrahamson helped me to taper off my medications, and really every day I feel better and more optimistic about these treatments. Thank you!

– John S. Rimrock, AZ

I like to travel to Sedona every year for some R & R. And since I’ve always wanted to quit smoking, for good this time, I felt Sedona was the best place to try again away from the stress back home. I went to see Dr. Abrahamson for just one session, practically on my way out of town. And that one session was amazing – I had my last cigarette before the acupuncture, and no cravings after! It’s amazing. Wish I had done it sooner.

– George R. Santa Barbara, CA

I had post-herpetic neuralgia, after a nasty shingles infection. The only drugs that could touch the pain made me feel so dopey, I didn’t want to take them. Acupuncture with Dr. Abrahamson reduced the pain about 60%, so I could reduce my pain-killers to the point, that I feel pretty normal.

– Ed C., Flagstaff, AZ

I’m a runner, and one day my right foot hurt so much, I went to the podiatrist. After X-rays, he told me I had plantar fasciitis, and would need to wear custom orthotics for the rest of my life. The pills he gave me for inflammation didn’t help the pain. But 3 sessions of acupuncture took care of most of the pain, and the exercises Robert gave me to do every day, took care of the rest. Three months later, I am 90% pain-free, and no custom orthotics!
– John R. Clarkdale, AZ

Life is the miracle of finding strawberries when being chased by tigers. My tigers are pain and cysts and threat of renal failure. My strawberries are the moments you give me freedom from pain. Thank you for your healing skills. Thank you for the strawberry moments. Gratefully,

– Raven P. Sedona, AZ

I have had extremely painful periods most of my adult life. I got tired of taking Motrin every month, and went to a gynecologist, who diagnosed me with endometriosis, and offered various surgical options. Before I tried the drastic, I thought I’d give acupuncture a try, and I’m so glad I did! The progress is slow but steady, and already after 2 menstrual cycles, my pain and heavy bleeding is reduced about 70%. No surgery for me – this is working!

– Claudia V., Jerome, AZ

Ever since I moved to Arizona, I’ve had real trouble with Dry Eyes. I use those gooey drops, and I’ve had little stents put in the corners of my eyes, but still it’s a problem. Dr. Abrahamson said he thought he could help me, but only by treating “all of me.” I guess he meant my chronic low energy, low sex drive, sinus infections, constipation, and all the other symptoms I took as just getting old. Well, after 3 twice-weekly acupuncture sessions, I feel like a new woman. EVERYTHING is getting better slowly, including my eyes!

– Donna B. Cottonwood, AZ

My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for several years. We were frustrated and ready to try IVF treatments. We decided to try acupuncture first, being less invasive AND a lot cheaper. Both my husband and I had four treatments each, and we took Robert’s dietary and lifestyle suggestions to heart – we were motivated! Well, our beautiful healthy daughter was born exactly one year after we started acupuncture!

– Joyce L  Jerome, AZ

I’d been suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome for some times; my wrists would be so sore after work that I wanted to cry. The specialist tried steroid injections, which only helped for a short time. She recommended surgery, but before that I decided to try acupuncture. Dr. Abrahamson gave me five weekly sessions, and some exercises to do at home, and most importantly I think, suggestions to improve my body posture at work. The pain is now almost nonexistent – just a little sore – and I’m sure when I take a week off next month and rest my arms, I’ll be 100%.

– Betty D. Clarkdale, AZ

Dr Abrahamson holds magic with his session. They are truly unique experiences, far above the usual acupuncture session. The energy I felt was so peaceful, profound and transformative….it really made a difference in the way I feel. Thank you!

– Robert S., St. Louis, MO