How to Get the Most Out of Your Acupuncture Treatments

By Dr. Abrahamson on

Acupuncture can often produce results faster than common medications, depending upon your condition. However, it’s still important to try to get the most out of your treatment and commit to healing. Here are some tips for ensuring that you receive the maximum benefits from your sessions with a licensed acupuncturist:

  • Keep an open mind. Positive energy speeds up any healing process.
  • You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire:  fill them out honestly and completely. Don’t shortchange yourself by using answers you think I want to hear or omitting bad habits. Some questions may seem irrelevant to your current condition, but keep in mind acupuncture is a holistic practice and deals with all aspects of your body, mind, and spirit. The most effective personalized treatment plan will come from honest answers and a comprehensive health history. Be sure to alert me about any other treatment you are currently receiving and any medications you are taking.
  • Prior to your acupuncture session, eat a light meal or snack. You don’t want to be starving but you also do not want to be overly full. Avoid greasy, heavy foods that could upset your stomach.
  • Refrain from alcohol and drugs for at least 12 hours before your session. Avoid strenuous activity and caffeine within a few hours of the treatment. Do not brush your tongue before your appointment. This allows me to use the color, texture, and coating on your tongue as a diagnostic tool.
  • Wear loose fitting clothes for comfort during acupuncture sessions.; otherwise, I will give you a gown to change into.
  • Engage me and ask pertinent questions so that you feel confident and well-informed.
  • After your first acupuncture session, note how you felt during and after the session. Share this with me before the next session, so any necessary adjustments can be made.
  • Once the needles are set, take the time to truly relax.
  • For the rest of the day after an acupuncture session, most acupuncturists recommend that you avoid alcohol, stressful situations, caffeine, sex, strenuous exercise, food or liquid at extreme temperatures, and heavy or spicy meals.
  • You may feel tired after a session, so take it easy, drink plenty of  water, and keep yourself at a comfortable temperature. If you are extremely drowsy you should rest. It’s fine to go to work, school, or other activities following treatment, but avoid overexerting yourself.
  • Be realistic. There is no such thing as an instant cure. It may take several sessions before you feel relief.

Once you undergo your first acupuncture treatment, you will know what works for you. Taking care of yourself before and after an appointment will go a long way in stimulating your body’s healing response.


  1. My 72 year old husband has constant phlegm and ear and sinus pain. We are in Sedona for a couple weeks. Do you feel an appointment would be feasible?

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