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                Dear Patients and all Public Consumers,

It is important that you know the facts regarding a trend in Arizona (and across the country) that is being termed “Dry Needling” and being performed by Physical Therapists and  other health therapists.

Physical Therapists, in order to become licensed to practice, must attend an accredited Physical Therapy school. Their training does not in any way include acupuncture/Oriental Medicine.

These practitioners are doing a procedure that was named Dry Needling. They insert acupuncture needles into the skin to relieve pain. They haven’t a clue as to what else they are affecting. They are taught to say that it is a new western medical therapy. Occupational therapists are doing this also.

Dry needling is an acupuncture technique. Acupuncture is a vital part of Oriental medicine, and acupuncture points have specific functions and effects. Acupuncture points and Trigger points (as referred to by PT’s) are over 90% identical points. The absurdity of the term ‘dry needling’ points to the very fact that acupuncture needles are solid and dry, unlike hypodermic needles.

                                               *** DRY NEEDLING IS ACUPUNCTURE ***

Acupuncturists, in order to become licensed to practice in Arizona, must attend an accredited college of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine for a minimum 1850 hours/3 years (most get far more than that). They must pass national exams / become nationally certified, then become licensed by the Arizona Acupuncture State Board of Examiners, by which they are then governed. The most important purpose of a health care State Board is to “protect the safety of the public”.

Physical Therapists (and some other health professions), attend a long weekend seminar on the so called Dry Needling and then set out to start sticking acupuncture needles into patients’ skin, and to bill insurance companies under the guise of one of their manual therapy codes.

It clearly appears that the Physical Therapy Board of Examiners is disregarding their duty to protect the public, they are supporting their licensees in practicing a medicine they are not qualified for or licensed to do, and they don’t care that fraudulent billing is occurring by the people they license.

BEWARE of health care professionals that are NOT licensed acupuncturists, who are advertising and treating patients by inserting acupuncture needles into the skin… and calling it ‘dry needling’, ‘dry acupuncture’, ‘intra-muscular therapy’ or other names. They are doing an acupuncture technique … they did not invent a new western medical therapy, as they claim. They are practicing Oriental Medicine after a weekend seminar and without a license. They are endangering the safety of the public and fraudulently billing insurance.

Calling it Dry Needling doesn’t make you qualified!  I’ve had 4000 hours of clinical training and 37 years of practice – ask the Physical or Occupatonal Therapist who claims to do Dry Needling  how long their training in “Dry Needling” was.

Thanks for your support. We would appreciate you signing a petition at:  http://azacupuncturesafety.org. Thanks for sharing this website/petition with others. If you would like to donate, please contact us.


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